Fox Motocross Gear

Fox Racing is without a doubt the worldwide leader in motocross gear and apparel, kitting out some of the most famous athletes in the motocross world with innovative and stylish racing gear. The original concept of Fox motocross gear still exists today – to elevate rider performance through continuous innovation of their gear and apparel.​
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Fox MX Riding Gear

Of course, Fox gear extends beyond motorsports, incorporating all areas of extreme sports, including Surf, Mountain Bikes, Skate and BMX gear.

At Raceway Motorcycles, we’re delighted to offer one of the most extensive ranges of Fox racing gear you’ll find anywhere online in Australia. 

Simply shop our online store to purchase all your favourite Fox motocross gear at great prices. Our online range of Fox racing gear includes:

Fox Body Armour/Jackets

The Fox Titan Sports Jacket is the ultimate upper body suit with full body under jersey protection. It features a high impact two piece chest plate as well as plastic shoulder and elbow covers, vented mesh fabric for ventilation and removable back covers to ensure the ideal blend of safety and comfort.

Fox Motocross Roost Deflectors

The Fox Rapid Roost Deflectors include full wrap body coverage with two plastic side panels, adjustable and removable shoulder and arm cover and an integrated buckle system to ensure a significant improvement in safety without limiting your mobility. These Fox deflectors also accommodate neck braces and adjust with your body movements.

Fox Racing Jerseys

The 180 race jerseys are not just among Fox’s best-selling MX gear, but are among the best-selling MX jerseys across the globe. With side mesh panels for ventilation, a drop tail to keep the jersey tucked into your MX pants and moisture reducing polyester fabric for enhanced performance and comfort, the 180 race jerseys will meet all of your needs.

Fox Racing Pants

The Fox MX range includes a selection of top quality racing and off road pants. Their off road pants offer the ideal racing fit while at the same are constructed with water repellent materials, zipped pockets and vents and a 360 chassis. Their 180 racing pants are one of the top-selling products among all of their gear, offering a lightweight, Rider Attack Position construction, suitable for either racing or riding casually. 

Contact The Fox Racing Gear Experts Today

Our range of Fox MX gear doesn’t stop there. The above is just a small sample of the Fox riding gear for sale via our online store. We’re also your go-to stockists for Fox MX gloves, boots, helmets, shorts, shin guards, goggles and much more. 

If you can’t find the Fox MX product you are looking for or have a query about any of the products available online, please feel free to contact our expert team. We would be happy to provide advice and assistance in choosing the best motocross gear for your specific needs.

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$100.00 $50.00

SKU: FO194142082X

Flexair Preest Jersey 2018 Dark Red 2Xl

$160.00 $40.00

SKU: FO1078500328

Fox 180 2015 Motorcycle Racing Vandal Payn Red

$50.00 $25.00

SKU: FO21726001M

Fox 180 Cota Jersey 2019 Black Medium

$150.00 $75.00

SKU: FO1944300126

Fox 2018 180 Kids Race Pants Black Size 26

$70.00 $66.50

SKU: FO23085001S-PRNT

Fox 2019 Youth Helion Zip Motorcycle Fleece - Black LARGE

$90.00 $72.00

SKU: FO23901001XL

Fox Non Stop Pullover Fleece Black Xl

$59.95 $35.97

SKU: GLDFO172862482X

Fox Pawtector 2018 Motorcycle Glove Navy Red

$255.00 $242.25

SKU: FO18808001NS

Fox Racing Podium Motorcycle Gear Bag - Black

$300.00 $285.00

SKU: FO28603247OS

Fox Racing Shuttle 180 Gear Bag Black Cam

$250.00 $237.50

SKU: FO240181222X

Fox Racing Titan Sport Motorcycle Jacket - Flame/Red