Pirelli Night Dragon Motorcycle Tyres

It may sound surprising that Pirelli, a company famous for it's high performance racing tyres, has released a range of cruiser tyres, but that's exactly what Pirelli Night Dragon tyres are. There are some interesting differences with the Pirelli Night Dragon. It's a cruiser tyre, but still hasn't shaken off all of that high performance legacy, so what you get is a road tyre that will help you get more from your ride.
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Pirelli Night Dragon - The power to do more

The wider contact patch of the Pirelli Night Dragon bike tyres gives them a stability that's not too common with performance brands, and it will let you commit to steeper lean angles than you'd normally dare on a cruiser.

The calibrated grooves give excellent siping effect, and it's a clever little engineering trick Pirelli has pulled off here, with the front and rear tyres working in different roles to displace all that water from your path. It's very elegant, reminiscent of swans dancing across a lake, the way the tyres work in such perfect unison.

Commendable reliability equals Pirelli Night Dragon Tyres

The really cool thing about Pirelli Night Dragon motorcycle tyres is they feel incredibly dependable, even though they're engineered as high performance tyres. For a cruiser, that's exactly what you want.

Even in challenging driving situations – steep climbs and descents, bumpy terrain, bridges, etc – these tyres will hold up to the task. You will gain confidence from the promise these Pirelli Dragon tyres make, and the best part is they keep the promise.

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