Michelin Commander 2 Tyres

Michelin Commander motorcycle tyres are for those riders who crave the freedom of the open road, and with all the enhancements thrown into these tyres, you'll certainly have the chance to find those open spaces more easily.

Michelin Commander 2 - A strong all-weather tyre made to last

The most attractive feature of the Michelin Commander 2 tyres is their high strength. You can expect up to 25,000 miles out of these tyres unless you really shred them, and it's actually very hard to inflict damage on them because they're just so tough.

While the texture of the Michelin Commander tyres may take a little time to get accustomed to, you'll find your ride is consistently safe. Once you've mastered the use of them, you'll be pulling high speed turns with the feeling that your tyres are so incredibly dependable you wouldn't consider changing them. Which is probably just as well, because they last so long you won't need to change them often.

They're not quite the wet weather specialist that the Michelin Pilot is, but they'll handle just about any conditions. When you want a tyre that will give long term reliable performance without a glitch, the Michelin Commander 2 is the tyre for you.

The technology is what makes Commander 2 tyres rock

One of the techniques the Michelin engineers used to develop a stronger tyre without adding extra weight was to figure out a way to remove a significant amount of the aromatic oils from the rubber before compositing it.

The manufacture of the tyre itself uses "Amplified Density Technology", or "ADT". The 90 thread ply available through ADT makes for a stronger and harder wearing tyre compared to the typical 70 thread ply available on many other tyres.

Michelin also transferred their Silica Rain Technology (SRT) from their car tyres to the Commander tyre range, which allows enhanced cool grip in wet conditions.

Square bead sidewalls give even more strength and improved handling. A bonus of this is an improved air seal, making installation of the tyre easier.

Finally the special aramid fibre used on the crown ply of the rear tyre provides even more strength with no additional weight. The extra strength reduces the risk of torsion damage or spreading, offering increased stability at high speeds.

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Once your order is processed, tyres are dispatched promptly and will arrive direct to your door in perfect condition. So whether you choose to shop online or in person, you will find you always get the same great service and value from Raceway Motorcycles.

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